Helping Kids Grow in Faith

Kids are the heritage of the Lord and the fruit of the womb is His reward. Sometimes we may wonder when we start to teach our kids faith. How do we introduce them to the life of faith? How do we communicate faith to a child? There are various ways through which God instructs or prescribes helping our kids grow in Faith.


1- Teaching them our doctrines: Doctrine is defined, “as a belief or set of beliefs held and taught by a church.” In our ministry, our doctrines are the things most surely believed amongst us as the Loveworld nation. These are our creed, statement of faith and commitment, convictions and values we hold true to the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. God through His Word in Deuteronomy 4:9 MSG clearly instructs the children of Israel on how to do this, “Just make sure you stay alert. Keep close watch over yourselves. Don’t forget anything about what you’ve seen. Don’t let your heart wander off. Stay vigilant as long as you live. Teach what you’ve seen and heard to your children and grandchildren”. God instructs that we are to teach His thoughts, ideas, and opinions to our children. Teaching our kids the Word of Faith through the Spirit is what sows the seeds of faith in their hearts. Teaching must be a planned, deliberate, and strategic action that will facilitate the definite outcomes expected in the life of our kids.


2- Through Repetitive instructions in the precepts and examples laden within the scriptures. Pastor Chris has often said,” Repetition is the law of deep and lasting impressions.” A precept is” a set of rules intended to regulate behavior or thought “. So it is pertinent that in instructing our children with the guiding principles of faith in an unseen God, we will require the additional means of “show and tell”. Showing them through the examples of those who lived and walked by faith in the Bible and telling them how they accomplished or obeyed God’s instructions through Faith. Isaiah 28:13 (TLB) “So the Lord will spell it out for them again, repeating it over and over in simple words whenever he can…”


3- Lifestyle choices and living at home The home is the first community that a child comes in contact with before he contacts his world beyond. Parents through setting up the right structure for their child’s personal devotion at home, will begin the process or become the premise of the platform through which their child learns God’s basic principles about Faith. One may ask how early should I start a devotion with my child. I would prescribe as early as your child can hear you. The parent must ensure to raise up their child through regimented home devotion with our Ministry Kiddies Rhapsody of Realities, Children’s Books & materials. With these, the child is programmed, raised in, and cultured through the message of our Ministry and our doctrines of the faith. Kids glean from our spirits and become eventually who we are. Faith is taught and caught. Through Parents’ informal teaching of Faith, communication, language, confessions, behavior, or lifestyle choices we are constantly communicating Faith or Fear to our children. Children do not know fear, lack, want, deprivation, or poverty until it is taught to them through the aforementioned channels. As Romans 10:17 says, “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God”. So does fear, lack, want, etc come by hearing? Parents must pay attention to what their children are hearing or watching at home. Close monitoring of your kids and regulating their activities at home will facilitate their journey of faith in God’s Word.


4- Additional Spiritual education in the children’s church In our Ministry we have in our structure the Children’s Ministry which has its units through the Children’s Churches, Children’s Ministry Workers, Leaders, and Teachers. At the dedication of every child in our Christ Embassy Churches, parents commit and pledge their vows to the Lord in the midst of the congregation to,” their child or children to bring them to church for additional spiritual instruction.” Parents in our churches must see to this by ensuring their children are brought to Church to receive spiritual nurturing, education, and training in the precepts and teachings of God’s Word.

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