Helping Kids Grow in Faith

Kids are the heritage of the Lord and the fruit of the womb is His reward. Sometimes we may wonder when we start to teach our kids faith. How do we introduce them to the life of faith? How do we communicate faith to a child? There are various ways through which God instructs or prescribes helping our kids grow in Faith.   1- Teaching them our doctrines: Doctrine is defined, “as a belief or set of beliefs held and

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Pray For Your Children

Praying for our children is a compulsory responsibility we are held accountable to by God. Prayer is communication with and confiding in God through our spirit, those deep things that our minds cannot translate into ordinary words on this side of heaven. Pastor Chris says, “Human prayer with human language will not go far enough and cannot adequately communicate with a holy God”. There are things that will not happen for our children if we do not pray for them.

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7 Keys to Effective Discipline from the Scriptures

Discipline is very vital to the appropriate training and raising kids, preparing them as a vessel fit and ready for the Master’s use. When do you start to discipline children? Are kids really aware of right and wrong? Can we through discipline help our children understand the difference between right and wrong, sin and righteousness? Firstly we must understand that once a child begins to be aware of his or her environment (this is usually about the age of 10

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Raising Children as disciples

In today’s world Christian Parents and teachers are increasingly faced with seeming obstacles in raising kids. Considering all of life’s increasing distractions with the rise of technology, social media pressure, Internet, video games, trending fashion, sports, movies, peer & social pressure, drugs etc. kids seem to experience information overload and despair as they face a general absence of godly or inspiring examples and godly living in a society that is currently being described as fast forward, modern, edgy etc. all

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